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Hello cyber folks,

Welcome to the world of “Hacking Seekho” .In today’s session we are going to study about the most crucial topic and the most interesting one that what is required for one to be a profession ethical hacker for the successful execution and stepping ahead in the profession of ethical hacking.

In this blog we will cover some of the basic aspects of ethical hacking.

Basically before moving further we will first of all discuss.What basically hacking is and Who the hacker is?  

The term ‘hacker’ is being defined as the professional person who is armed with the skiills involving the networking and the computer tracking and command prompt knowledge with full command over it for the successful tracking for the purpose of deceiving the organizations and by passing the security and the infiltration of network with improper authorization methods.

Most of the hackers are using these skills for the commitment of frauds thefts and various kind of nefarious acts while someone are not doing for troubling other rather for simple enjoyment of the challenges while doing.The cybercrime is no longer a fun rather it’s a huge loss to the public in terms of economy and time both as it proves to be lethal to every business from small scale to the large scale business which caused the loss of around $6 trillion in the year 2021 as was already expected as told by the researchers.

Recovering from all these attacks costs both the time and money resulting in the hindrance of progress resulting in the financial and loss in terms of market target causing losses in shares and public reputation of company being tarnished because of non-timely completion of the activities and tasks to be provided as service and can even lead to the legal action from the client side on the company due to the non-ability to work in the time period on deadline due to which client had to face loss for which company might have to lose the money.

Now here comes the need of the personal who are having there expertise in hacking but they are using this technology for the purpose of testing of the company’s system in the environment same as that of real hacking for finding the weak loop holes present inside the system thus making it possible for the company’s system experts more reinforced for the attack that can happen in the future from the side of the attacker or hacker in real time with the motive of data stealing from the company’s server.

The role of ethical hackers is to use the skills of hacking for the purpose of reinforcement testing of the system to find out the loop holes using the skills of hacking but they are known as ethical because they use it for the purpose of benefit of the firm not for intentional teasing and money extortion from the company in lieu of data stolen from the firm’s secret server.According to the leading cyber security professional certification organization named as ‘EC COUNCIL’ defines the ‘ETHICAL HACKING’ having the definition of the ethical hacker as an “individual professional who is employed within an organization who is entrusted for taking any attempt for the penetration of the networks using the techniques similar to the one used by a malicious hacker”.


The key skills  list required for an ethical hacker to be having the perfection in it is en-trailing but some of the key skills we can mention here are as follows and are must to have for an ethical hacker are mentioned here.

The following strategies might be employeed for the penetration of a system and spotting the vulnerabities are as follows :

Usage of the  port scanning tools like Nmap or Nessus for scanning of an organization’s systems and searching for the open ports. The vulnerabilities associated with these ports can be studied and measures for the remedies can be taken at the same time.

Examination of the security patches being installed thus for making security to ensure that they are not going to be exploited at the time of attack.

Employing some of the various other techniques of the  social engineering such as  the shoulder surfing for gaining access to the crucial information or playing the kindness card to play the trick with the employees thus for parting with their passwords.

Making attack attempts for the evasion of the IDS (Intrusion Detection systems), IPS (Intrusion Prevention systems), honeypots, and firewalls.

Sniffing networks, bypassing and cracking wireless encryption, and hijacking web servers and web applications.

Investigation of the issues related to theft of laptop and the frauds committed by the employee.


In this article we have got a basic blue print about the ethical hacking and the role of ethical hackers and what basic key skills one must possess to be an ethical hacker and what are the roles and responsibities as an ethical hacker.