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Dear cyber folks,

As discussed in the previous article we studied about the basic concepts of ethical hacking in brief along with some key point’s discussion on the role of an ethical hacker in an organization and skills an ethical hacker must have for him to becoming a certified ethical hacker. Keeping that base knowledge in mind let’s move ahead and study more about the discussion on point “How ethical hackers are crucial or mandatory for an organization”.

As discussed in the previous blogs “WHAT IS REQUIRED FOR ONE TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL ETHICAL HACKERthat the role of an ethical hacker is to use the hacking technologies for the purpose of testing of the company’s system with a motive to find the loop holes present in the system.

Mainly a company requires the Ethical hackers legally for the reporting of issues on time which are found during the course of their work since this is the privileged information which could be used by the attackers/hackers/spammers for the illegal purposes such as money extortion system security disruption, mental harassment of firm’s employees. The one bitter fact i.e. most mandatory to be highlighted is that most of the sophisticated ethical hacking skills goes wasted if there is failure from the organization side in the adequate responsiveness to the problems or the weak spots that are being reported by the ethical hacker.

It is an added feather in the cap for an organization If they are going to hire a personal who is already a “BLACK HAT” hacker but now the personal is turning into a certified ethical “ETHICAL WHITE HAT” hacker who is more likely to be familiar with the tricks of hacking and then using them than that personnel is going to be benefactor for the firm’s security.


The firm while hiring an ethical hacker for the security maintenance and testing for the firm should keep the following points in mind for assessment of the personnel are as follows:

  1. The personnel should be highly passionate towards the field for making proper growth in the field and should be updated with the new trends and tricks in the field of hacking technology for applying those tricks and techniques for the benefit of the organization’s security.
  2.  The personnel should have a good command over the networking and programming along with the in-depth knowledge and experience of working and playing with the commands on the command prompt and shell programming.
  3. The personnel who are having the CEH certification which is required for the one to become a certified ethical hacker will be an added benefit as the personnel are having the permissions granted to that personnel from the central government which will prove to be beneficial for the firm who is going to hire that person.


In this we discussed upon the basic core aspects explaining the role of ethical hacker for a firm which is growing the business online and wants the expansion of business completely on the online base which is required to have the highly reinforced security for the protection of data from online attacks and prevention of data loss which the firm might face in the future to prevent the heavy financial and economic loss to the business. Thus while hiring a personnel for the work ethical hacking should be the one only who can be trusted heavily to work upon your database will not leak the data to the competitors for his/her own benefits which will cause all the reputation going out from your hand and losing credibility from the market.