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Cybersecurity Training Calendar

Course Name Start Date End Date Start/End Time Batch Type Training Mode Certificate Batch Status
Cyberminars Cybersecurity Professional 15th June 2024 30th July 2024 - (IST) Daily Classes Online yes Open Enroll
Cyberminars Cybersecurity Professional 20th June 2024 30th July 2024 - (IST) Daily Classes Online yes Open Enroll


                                  MODULE - 1  


1.Introduction of Information Security and cyber laws

2.Network Terminologies

3.Network Terminologies 2

4.Information Gathering and digital foot printing

5.Types of malware

6.Types of Trojans

7.Web architecture and components

8.Social Engineering basic

9.Vulnerabitinglity Assessment Penetration Testing (OWSAP top 10)

10.Insecure Direct Object Reference (web application security :- Setup & installations)

11.Sql injection introduction

12.Sql Injection types: Error Sql Injection

13.Introducction to firewalls , IDS , IPS

14.Introdution to burpsuite

15.Introduction to Javascript ( types of Xss)

16.Cross site request Forgery

17.Linux Basics and kali linux

18.Network security penetration testing

19.Introduction to wireless networking



                            Module - 2

1.Introduction to cryptography

2.Router Pentesting

3.Windows Memory Management

4.Reverse Engineering

5.NSA : Network Security Analysis

6.Metasploit Framework

7.Eternal Blue


9.Buffer Overflow

10.Social engineering toolkit (SET)

11.Introduction NESSUS

12.Content Management System

13.CMS- Jhoomla

14.TCP Header Format



17.Introduction to System Hardening

18.Introduction to Penetration Testing : Ethics

19.Physical Security Penetration Testing