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The advent of digital technology has undeniably simplified our lives and ushered in a multitude of societal benefits. However, this progress has not come without its share of challenges, particularly the rise of cybercrimes. Regrettably, due to a lack of comprehensive understanding, many individuals, including children, youth, corporate entities, and innocent people, find themselves inadvertently ensnared by these new and formidable threats. In this scenario, both culprits and casualties of cybercrimes are emerging.

To counteract this trend, it becomes crucial to disseminate knowledge regarding cybercrimes. This includes their legal implications, technical intricacies, diverse manifestations, frequency, operational methods, scale, and most importantly, preventive measures. Furthermore, fostering a culture of secure usage of digital tools such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, the internet, Wi-Fi, bank cards, e-banking, and social media becomes paramount to shield individuals from falling victim to cybercrimes. This pivotal information can be effectively imparted through lectures, seminars, and interactive sessions across schools, colleges, and universities, encompassing both general education institutions as well as specialized professional, technical, and engineering establishments. Extending these educational initiatives to encompass social and business associations, as well as clubs, can amplify their impact.

"No form of honorarium or remuneration is requested or applied in any way."

It's important to emphasize that all these educational efforts are provided altruistically, without any intention of seeking honorarium or remuneration. This initiative aims to encompass a wide spectrum of recipients, ranging from schools, colleges, universities, technical and professional institutes, to various groups, clubs, associations, and beyond.

1.  S.K.I.T jaipur ( Engineering No. 1 Rank Institute in Rajasthan)

2. Aadi College Of Nursing

3. S.S.G pareek College, Banipark Jaipur

4. IIS University

5. istart Rajasthan

  • Cybersecurity and cloud Security Workshops
  • Mobile Hacking Workshop
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Seminar
  • Web Security and Social Media Hacking Practical Workshops
  • Social Engineering and Pentesting

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